Aurélie Fischer


Aurélie Fischer joined LIH in August 2001 first as a Research Engineer in the HIV Clinical & Translational Research Unit, and joined the CIEC in February 2014 as a Junior Clinical Research Associate.

She mainly coordinates infectious diseases projects between the medical investigators at the Centre Hospitalier de Luxembourg (CHL) and the researchers of the HIV Clinical & Translational Research Unit, in order to set up and manage regulatory submissions, logistical and administrative tasks, data collection and quality control of the projects. She also manages a team composed of Clinical Research Associates, Data Managers and clinical research trainees.

Research projects

We are involved in projects on 2 major topics:

  • HIV :
    • START study : Strategic Timing of AntiRetroviral Treatment
    • HIV-RAL study : Optimization of integrase inhibitors usage : pharmacogenetic contribution
    • ISALA study : Treatment interruption in HIV positive patients with low viral reservoir to evaluate the potential of a functional cure.
  • HCV :
    • HCV-LU : Study of treatment resistance of Hepatitis C virus
    • HCV-UD : Drug addiction, hepatitis C and substitution : epidemiological, behavioral and clinical study
aurelie fischer


1A-B, rue Thomas Edison
L-1445 Strassen
Tel. : +352 26 970 230

Featured Publications

Towards precision cardiometabolic prevention: results from a machine learning, semi-supervised clustering approach in the nationwide population-based ORISCAV-LUX 2 study.

  • Deep Digital Phenotyping Research Unit
  • Platform Bioinformatics
  • Public Health Expertise
  • Public Health Research
  • Physical Activity, Sport and Health
  • NutriHealth
  • PHR Custom Group 3
August 06, 2021
2021 Aug. Sci Rep.11(1):16056.
  • Fagherazzi G
  • Zhang L
  • Aguayo G
  • Pastore J
  • Goetzinger C
  • Fischer A
  • Malisoux L
  • Samouda H
  • Bohn T
  • Ruiz-Castell M
  • Huiart L.

Voice for health: The use of vocal biomarkers from research to clinical practice.

  • Deep Digital Phenotyping Research Unit
April 16, 2021
2021 Apr. Digit Biomark.5(1):78-88.
  • Fagherazzi G
  • Fischer A
  • Ismael M
  • Despotovic V.
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