Post-doctoral Fellow in Cancer Metabolism - JM1221

84, rue Val Fleuri, Luxembourg L-1526, Luxembourg
22/12/2021 11:56:43

During the last two decades, the importance of metabolism to support cancer onset and progression has gained increasing attention. Among the various nutrients that support cancer cell metabolism, serine has emerged as a very important one. Serine is not only an important precursor for anabolic processes (i.e. nucleotide synthesis) but can also support RedOx and bioenergetic demands of the cell. However, the detailed roles serine can fulfil within the tumour microenvironment is still not very well understood.

With our previous work, we uncovered that serine derived formate also has a growth-independent function to support cancer cell invasion and metastasis. The goal of the current project is to improve our understanding on folate-dependent serine metabolism in the context of the metastatic cascade.

In addition to our goal to improve our fundamental understanding of this metabolic pathway, we also aim to identify novel intervention approaches by testing two novel tool compounds targeting serine metabolism.

The experimental work will include in vitro and in vivo (mouse models) aspects. We will focus on the analysis of mammalian metabolism using stable isotope-assisted metabolic flux analysis coupled to functional assays (proliferation, viability, invasion, metastasis). The analyses will be combined with molecular - and cell biological techniques (Western Blot, qPCR, FACS, IF).


The successful candidate will be embedded in a state-of-the-art laboratory at the Department of Cancer Research composed of more than 85 staff members. The Cancer Metabolism team headed by Johannes Meiser is core funded by the FNR-ATTRACT program. The Meiser lab currently consists of four PhD students, two Postdoctoral fellows, one lab manager and an adjunct in-house Mass Spectrometry platform.

Relevant publications:

Meiser et al., 2016, Science Advances

Meiser et al., 2018, Nature Communications;

Kiweler et al., 2021, BioRxiv;

  • Successful PhD in the area of biology, systems biology or biotechnology
  • Knowledge and keen interest in mammalian metabolism
  • Hands-on experience in animal work and experience in experimental lab work
  • Experience with 3D models would be an advantage
  • Open-minded, self-driven and curious person, willing to work in a collaborative team

The position will be accompanied by training and mentoring opportunities to get prepared for the next career step in becoming an independent researcher


For any further information, please contact Dr. Johannes Meiser:

Publication record:


In short...

  • Contract type:           3-year fixed-term contract
  • Work hours:               Full time
  • Location:                    Luxembourg
  • Start date:                  As soon as possible
  • Ref:                             VD/PDCM1221/JM/CMG

How to apply

Applications including a cover letter and a  curriculum vitae should be sent before 15 February 2022 through our website via the apply button below. Please apply ONLINE formally through this web page.
Applications by email will not be considered.