(Eco)toxicological tests for assessing impacts of chemical stress to aquatic ecosystems: Facts, challenges, and future.

November 15, 2021
2021 Nov. Sci Total Environ.795:148776. Epub 2021 Jul 1.
  • Schuijt LM
  • Peng FJ
  • van den Berg SJP
  • Dingemans MML
  • Van den Brink PJ.

Exploring the contribution of the mitochondrial disulfide relay system to Parkinson's disease: the PINK1/CHCHD4 interplay.

November 01, 2021
2021 Nov. Neural Regen Res.16(11):2222-2224.
  • Arena G
  • Modjtahedi N
  • Kruger R.
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