Methodologies and method of building assessment questionnairesin the SPSM project.

  • Public Health Research
January 01, 2018 By:
  • Gavrila-Ardelean M
  • Fond Harmant L.

Santé Publique, Santé Mentale, Employabilité en Europe (SPSM), is a European Project developed by francophone countries in: 2014-2017. Through the project, training modules for professionals have been built.The aim of the research is to present the methodologies employed to construct evaluation questionnaires, and the methods used to built statistical grids in SPSM Erasmus+ Project.Research methods: the evaluation of the SPSM Project was realized after the construction of Knowledge Assessment Questionnaire for Occupational Insertion Professionals for people with chronic mental diseases, and the other one is: Project Management Assessment Grid. First scale is a questionnaire comprising 24 items. It assesses the level of knowledge before and after the training module (Pilot Seminar). This procedure allows us to compare groups of items. The results are 2 questionnaires applied in the project assessment. The obtained results have enabled professionals to improve their skills through better course content.

2018 Jan. J Plus Educ.19(1):273-280.
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