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[Press release] Forever Young: a new genetic brake for an ageing immune system

January 17, 2022   In Our News  

Signature of the 2022-2025 multi-year agreements between the State and the University of Luxembourg, the public research centers and the National Research Fund

January 14, 2022   In Our News  

Changing department names

January 11, 2022   In Our News  

Excellent Thesis Award for Hannah Wurzer

January 10, 2022   In Our News  

The Luxembourg Institute of Health and Advanced Biological Laboratories develop joint diagnostic solutions to measure neutralizing antibodies against SARS-CoV-2 variants

January 10, 2022   In Our News  

A multi-omics approach to cancer research

January 03, 2022   In Our News  

Resistance is futile!

December 21, 2021   In Our News  

LIH contributes to international COVID-19 research

December 15, 2021   In Our News  

Project “YOUNG50 #Stay Healthy - Cardiovascular Risk Prevention” launched in Luxembourg

November 29, 2021   In Our News  

[Press release] ParkinsonNet Luxembourg celebrates 5 years

November 26, 2021   In Our News  

Atypical opioid receptors: a promising new avenue in pain management

November 24, 2021   In Our News  

Allergies: More than a gut feeling

November 22, 2021   In Our News  

COVID 19 research boosted by private funding

November 16, 2021   In Our News  

Dietary fiber determines predisposition to foodborne enteric pathogens

November 07, 2021   In Our News  

FNR Awards 2021: LIH researchers shine at centre-stage

October 22, 2021   In Our News  

LIH joins forces with Advanced BioDesign to improve cancer immunotherapy

October 18, 2021   In Our News  

Hypertension: a worldwide analysis of diagnosis, treatment and control

October 14, 2021   In Our News  

Research Luxembourg and government together during the pandemic

October 06, 2021   In Our News  

Webinar series: Precision Public Health 2021

October 06, 2021   In Our News  

LIH leukaemia project to be supported by “Marie Sklodowska-Curie Individual Fellowships”

October 04, 2021   In Our News